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      優惠活動 - 10周年慶本月新客福利
      優惠活動 - 10周年慶本月新客福利
      優惠活動 - 10周年慶本月新客福利

      Cixi Avatar Composite Co., Ltd.與我司簽訂建網站協議

      日期 : 2023-06-25 00:31:18

      Cixi Avatar Composite Co., Ltd. is a leading China manufacturer focus in Research & Development of SMC/FRP/GRP Municipal Road Drainage Industry. 

      Avatar has started their professional since 2003 on Design, Production and Sales of diverse composite products including SMC Manhole Cover; SMC Road Electric & Water facility; SMC Drainage System and other composite products. Avatar Composite located in the South Bank of Hangzhouwan Bay, Ningbo, China, and is running two manufacturing sites in Shandong and Luoyang, China.Adjoining with one of the biggest deepwater port in China– Beilun Port, this is where connect us and all over the world. Avatar Composite provides all kinds of Urban Drainage Solution to our customer and client from more than 10 countries and regions around the world. From public facility, road, highway, bridge, electric & water facility to oil tanker, living residence and personal property, our products can be found in almost every field of construction and drainage system.